Going Off the Grid: The How-To-Book of Simple Living and Happiness

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Going Off the Grid: The How-to Book of Simple Living and Happiness by Gary Collins, MS is an intelligent self-help book for those who are thinking about, in the process of, or even just curious about living comfortably and autonomously. As Collins begins he makes it clear that there are many different ways to define what living "off the grid" means, and that his experience, while comprehensive in its application, isn't a sole and singular perception. What Collins delivers is a virtual encyclopedia of all things off the grid, covering every conceivable prerequisite to development, cost, planning, consideration, and resources for turning the dream of living autonomously into a reality. – Reviewed By Jamie Michele for Readers' Favorite
Going Off The Grid is an incredibly informative book about a fascinating topic that is growing in popularity as well as notability. I confess that Going Off The Grid has to be one of the best books in the genre today thanks to its useful and practical knowledge as well as how entertaining of a read it is. You may be thinking "how can a book about living off the grid" be entertaining but trust me when I write that it is. Firstly the incredible author Gary Collins writes beautifully so that you are entertained from start to finish, but as well as this he shares his own experiences (sometimes in a humorous way) and shares stories about his journey to living off the grid and these sections of the book were incredibly entertaining and kept me turning the pages with haste.

Above all, however, the book is great for all readers as the premise of the book is to help you reevaluate your life and current living situations, make you realize whether you need change and ultimately help you on a path to happier living which is pretty amazing in my opinion. – Reviewed By Red Headed Book Lover

"If you are looking at going off grid, READ THIS BOOK FIRST!Gary Collins's book definitely helps navigate through some major wouldbe pitfalls of going off the grid."

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"One thing that I thought was great about the book was that the authorprovided examples of price ranges. Yes…we could all get everything wewant if cost was not a factor. But it is good to understand what thingsmay cost so we can determine affordability."

Christine (Amazon Verified Purchase)

"Great read, easy read well written. I have several of the authors books. HIGHLY recommend."

G.M. Jones (Amazon Verified Purchase)

"One of the best books that I've read for reaching my life long dream of a more simple and meaningful life."

E. Kim (Amazon Verified Purchase)

"It doesn't get any better than this"

Mathew B. (Amazon Verified Purchase)

"Very clear guide with great insight for building in the woods. I am greatfull for you sharing your experience!"

Corey (Amazon Verified Purchase)

"This book is easily worth the price when you discover how much time andmoney it will save you. Mr. Collins provides answers to questions thatpeople probably don't even know they need to ask and his real worldexperience brings a healthy dose of reality to the idea of building offgrid."

SB (Amazon Verified Purchase)

"Even though I don't plan on going off grid there is a lot of usable info specifically for planning improvements to a homestead. I appreciate the authorscandor in describing his trials while building his property."

McGyver Jr. (Amazon Verified Purchase)

"Gary has written the definitive book on going off the grid."

Survival Punk (Amazon Verified Purchase)

"You'll appreciate his straightforward non-sugar coated words: he tells it like it is and doesn't attempt to sell readers on a "unicorn"one-size-fits-all solution. The author's candor about dealing withbuilding contractors alone is worth the price of the book."

A. Frankel (Amazon Verified Purchase)

I try to be impartial and not recommend specific products but I would recommend this book for anybody wanting to know realistically the trials and tribulations of figuring out how to buy land, find good contractors, and build an off-grid conventional, with all standard utilities, house in the country. – Aur Beck Mother Earth News Book Review

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