Quick and Easy Team Building Games to Incorporate Into Team Meetings

5 Simple Team Building Games

Team building games are quick, fun, easy to organise and cost effective. Below are five simple suggestions for activities that can be incorporated into part of a weekly or monthly team meeting.

Best Moments – A great way of introducing a little of everyone’s individual personality into the workplace, the ‘Best Moments’ game is one of the more heart warming team building games. The group is asked to take a moment of silent contemplation and recall what they consider to be the best moment of their lives to date. The team then takes turns in regaling the rest of the room with their anecdote, whether amusing, triumphant or emotional. Being personal to each individual, it reveals a little something new about each person in turn.

The Newspaper Bridge – Possibly the best known of all team building games, the ‘Newspaper Bridge’ (also commonly the ‘Newspaper Tower’) is excellent for teamwork and problem solving. The group is split into a number of small groups and presented with equal amounts of newspaper. Using nothing but the print and their brains, they are challenged to build a bridge (or tower). The strongest (or tallest) structure wins.

What Country Would You Be? – This little exercise challenges the creative mind, and the geography skills of its participants. Members of the team are put into pairs and are given a brief few minutes to learn as much about each other as possible. Each pair is then asked “If your partner were a country, what country would they be and why?” Often comical to say the least, this activity works as a fantastic icebreaker.

The Pasta Tower – Similar to the newspaper challenge, teams are supplied with dry spaghetti and some form of jelly sweets. With these tools, they are asked to build a structure of the highest heights. The team with the tallest standing structure are crowned the champions. To make this a little tougher, try waiting five minutes before the judges weigh in. Most structures won’t stay standing for that long!

Work Related Pictionary – Everyone knows the classic party game of Pictionary but beyond its use as a fun pastime between friends, it is one of the best team building games to improve on group communication. Learning to draw the same conclusions from a selection of images allows the team to take their understanding of each other that little deeper. Making the task work related is an excellent way of building this understanding in a professional sense.

The above are some of the most common activities for team bonding. For a really uniting experience, why not challenge your workforce to come up with a series of team building games of their own?

Source by Kelly Elmore

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